23/07/14時点、#青森ねぶた祭り ホテル商戦 の動向 ∻As of 07/14/23, trends in #Aomori Nebuta Festival hotel sales∻

この記事は #アオモリジョイン ですでに投稿されたものを、現時点の情報も併せて再編集したものです。This article is a re-edited version of what was already posted on #Aomori Join, including the current information.

2023年度の全体的な傾向 Overall trends for 2023

#nebutafestivalハッシュタグ – Instagram • 写真と動画


Unlike the previous fiscal year 2022, there was a tendency to sell guest rooms using various methods.


For example, (1) there are several hotels that sell rooms by lottery instead of on a first-come, first-served basis. This will give you a lot of opportunities and it will also bring you a kind of fun!


Or (2) a hotel that uses fewer booking sites than usual to make it easier for the company’s favorable customer base to stay preferentially. It is also intended to prevent overbooking by avoiding receiving reservations from multiple sites at the same time.

③団体ツアーに客室を割り振る数を増やすことにより、本来 個人客に対して発生しうる諸々の混乱を最小限に抑えようとしたホテルなど見受けられました。この話はどういった点から分かるかというと、昨年度の宿泊施設の販売軒数データと比べてみると一目瞭然です。

(3) By increasing the number of guest rooms allocated to group tours, some hotels tried to minimize the confusion that would otherwise arise for individual guests. This is obvious when you compare it with last year’s data on the number of lodging facilities sold.

Comparison of lodging facilities sold in 2022 and 2023 (agoda Aomori city 15 facility statistics 8/2 lodging facilities sold )

今後の動向を占うのであれば、去年は7月に入って以降 再販売が始まっていました。これはコロナ再流行に伴いキャンセルが多発したためと思われますが……例年においても仕事の事情で祭りに行けなくなったお客様など、一定数のキャンセルは発生します。遠くにお住いの方々が泊まりに来たいのであれば、そういうところを狙ってもいいかもしれませんね。

Last year, after entering July The resale has started. This is probably due to the frequent cancellations due to the resurgence of the corona virus, but even in normal years, there are a certain number of cancellations, such as customers who cannot go to the festival due to work reasons. If people who live far away want to come and stay, it might be a good idea to book such a hotel.

またはこれから販売スタートのホテルも何軒かはあると思われます。これは早い時期に客室を売りきったものの、直前になってキャンセルされて そのまま売れ残るケースを恐れている。キャンセル料の規定が緩ければ緩いほど、そういったリスクがホテル側に発生します。

Or it seems that there are several hotels that will be sold for the first time in the future. The reason for doing this is to prevent cases where he sold out the rooms early, but was canceled at the last minute and left unsold. The looser the cancellation fee provisions, the more such risks occur on the hotel side.

青森市内だけで宿泊客が収まらない The number of guests cannot fit in Aomori City alone.

number of accommodations available for booking:Aomori city area

当然ながら #青森ねぶた祭 は大盛況!特に金曜土曜が混みあっているのが分かります。でも青森市だけで宿泊客を抱え込むことが出来ておりません。

Of course, the #Aomori Nebuta Festival seems to be a great success! You can see that Fridays and Saturdays are especially crowded. But Aomori City alone doesn’t have enough hotels

number of accommodations available for booking:Hachinohe city area


Although the Hachinohe festival, the Sansha Taisai, starts on July 31st (Monday), the festival itself does not contribute much to the tourism industry. You can see that the rooms are sold out after 8/2 (Wednesday). It seems that Friday and Saturday are especially crowded. This phenomenon is clearly the influence of the Nebuta Festival in Aomori City.

10軒以上のホテル旅館を満室にさせるだけの人流を考えると、(これまでの統計データを踏まえれば)ざっと宿泊客だけでも 1000人以上/日 は青森八戸間を往来することになります。

Considering the flow of people that fills up more than 10 hotels and ryokan (according to past statistical data), more than 1,000 overnight guests come and go between Aomori and Hachinohe each day.


Aomori City and Hachinohe City are about 3 hours by car. If you use the toll road, it will be possible to arrive in 2 hours, but there is no doubt that traffic will occur. It may take 4-5 hours during the festival because of the movement of the locals in addition to the hotel guests.

青森から八戸への乗換案内 – Yahoo!路線情報


If you use the train, it is possible to go from Aomori City to Hachinohe City on the same day. So it would be clever to use the train rather than working hard with a private car.


On the contrary, if there is a special fixed-price taxi service or express bus here, all you have to do is sleep and go home. Business opportunities may be sleeping in such places. I think I’ll be able to tell you in a few days, but it seems that the summer campsite along the harbor in Aomori City is moving toward opening.

地元民の方々は #民泊 をやってみるチャンスかも?

Locals are worth trying to offer their homes as a place to stay.

number of accommodations available for booking:Hirosaki city area



Hirosaki is also strongly influenced by Aomori! It is the same as Hachinohe in that full vacancies have continued since 8/2 (Wednesday). Since the festival started, more than 1,000 overnight guests should travel between Aomori Hirosaki each day. Normally, it would take an hour to get there, but it would take 2-3 hours by car.

青森から弘前への乗換案内 – Yahoo!路線情報

6月以降、八戸でも満室が続出か Hotels in Hachinohe are also fully booked.

Percentage of accommodation facilities that can be reserved for Jalan sales on 08/02/23(Wednesday)  blue:Aomori White:Hirosaki orange:Hachinohe Guest room: Single


The Aomori and Hirosaki areas basically have special plans for festivals, so the sales method is clearly different from the Hachinohe area. As a result, Hachinohe has continued to sell almost all guest rooms from early on, but it has been sold out frequently since June!

一方で青森市街地のいくつかのホテルは、ここ10日間で客室販売を開始&再開しております。現在、市内はおよそ20%ほどの宿泊施設で予約が可能です。 今後は直前放出のストック分とキャンセル分をどうさばくかという観点で、でもすぐに売れちゃうかも?

On the other hand, some hotels in downtown Aomori have started and resumed room sales in the last 10 days. Currently, about 20% of accommodation facilities in the city can be reserved. From now on, it will be important for the hotel to consider how to handle the last-minute stock and cancellations. But even if you don’t worry so much, it might sell soon?

Percentage of accommodation facilities that can be reserved for Jalan sales on 08/02/23(Wednesday)  blue:Aomori White:Hirosaki orange:Hachinohe Guest room:Double/Twin


6月に入ってから青森市街地のホテルも一般販売を開始したところもありましたが、売れるスピードは やはり早いという印象があります。

Even within Aomori City, the sales speed of Asamushi and Hakkoda is not very good. Compared to hotels in Aomori city area, it seems that the distance is far and the disadvantage in terms of traffic access is working. Some hotels in downtown Aomori have started general sales since the beginning of June, but I have the impression that he is selling faster than usual.

Percentage of accommodation facilities that can be reserved for Jalan sales on 08/02/23(Wednesday)  blue:Aomori White:Hirosaki orange:Hachinohe Guest room:Triple


When I think about the types of people who come to see the festival, I think there will inevitably be a lot of groups and families. Rather than reserving several singles, it would be nice if everyone could stay in the same room♪


So if you try to focus on triple rooms, Aomori Hachinohe Hirosaki is less than 30% behind! Hachinohe, on the other hand, has only a few left… it’s a strange phenomenon.

現場における追加要素 On-site additional elements

aiko[キョードー東北] (kyodo-tohoku.com)


Apart from Nebuta, there is a live performance by famous singer aiko on August 6th (Sunday). It is said that you have to think about the hotel as well as the ticket competition. . .


As I mentioned in the previous item, there is also the option of staying in Hachinohe Hirosaki. Furthermore, there is also a means to return to Tokyo by night bus. But I feel like it would be a waste to just watch the live and go home.

青森から東京への乗換案内 – Yahoo!路線情報

そして #オマツリジャパン さんでは去年に引き続き、プレミアム観覧席を販売しています。

And #Omatsuri Japan continues to sell premium bleachers last year.

全国の祭りをサポートし、地域活性化に取組む株式会社オマツリジャパン(代表取締役社長:加藤 優子、所在地:東京都練馬区、以下オマツリジャパン)は青森県、青森市をはじめとする地元自治体および企業の協力のもと、昨年度ご好評をいただきました青森ねぶた祭の上質な体験を提供するプレミアム観覧席を6月23日 (金) 正午頃より販売を開始致します。また、本取組みにおいて得られた収益を、地域経済および青森ねぶた祭の担い手に還元することで、持続可能な循環モデルの創出を目指してまいります。

Omatsuri Japan Co., Ltd., which supports festivals nationwide and works to revitalize the region, has cooperated with local governments such as Aomori Prefecture and Aomori City, as well as companies to offer a high-quality experience of the Aomori Nebuta Festival, which was well received last year. We will start selling the premium bleachers that provide the above from around noon on Friday, June 23rd. In addition, we aim to create a sustainable circulation model by returning the profits obtained from this initiative to the local economy and the bearers of the Aomori Nebuta Festival.

祭り&地域の魅力体験の新しい形!青森ねぶた祭 プレミアム観覧席 第一弾 6月23日(金)より発売開始! | トラベルスポット (travelspot.jp)


I can’t wait to see how the festival will change in the future!

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